Hi, I’m Carly

Hi, I’m Carly

I’m a LCSW & business strategist helping female clinicians venture into the coaching world and build a successful and sustainable online business. I teach everything from learning the difference between therapy and coaching to dialing in your niche, marketing, sales, branding and of course mindset. It’s all with the focus on helping clinicians impact more lives and live a freedom-based life.

I always loved being a therapist. But what I loved even more was my freedom. I’m talking time freedom, energy freedom, travel freedom, financial freedom. ALL OF IT.

I never had this freedom as a therapist, and I saw all the other burnt-out therapists were struggling to find a better life too.

I honestly couldn’t believe that we as therapists are among the lowest paid and most burned out of the highly educated professions. It had me frazzled. I actually started a networking group just to help therapists beat burnout for this reason.

The system seemed broken and twisted so I set off on a mission to find solutions.

Solutions for therapists to leverage their time and get paid for their knowledge.

Solutions to only work with clients who are the perfect fit.

Solutions for new and improved systems and strategies to bring clients in.

I accomplished all these missions through my discovery, research, and training in high ticket group coaching and organic lead generation. I even created my very own client attraction system I call the modern marketing masterplan.

It's allowed me to go from $0-100k months in record time.

My new mission now it to share every single piece of knowledge I have with you so you too can live this life of freedom.

You deserve this life. You can have it. I want this for you.

She’s an innovator

Carly is an ambitious innovator who has always taken pride in re-working the systems. As a therapist her motto was always “get off the couch” meaning it doesn’t take years on end to heal with the proper treatment. She refined the 3 most important steps when it comes to transformation and has taught many other therapists her proprietary 3 step success coaching method to help clients receive remarkable results in very few sessions.

She’s spiritual

When you don’t find Carly at the gym, in the bahamas, or coaching other clinicians you can find her donating her time to healing others. She is a reiki master, intuitive, and conscious leader in her community. Gratitude is the number one value she lives her life by.

She’s in integrity

Every industry has its champs and chumps and to be frank there is a lot of money hungry chumps in the coaching industry. Carly is the first one to tell you if she can help you or not and she stands firm in her promises. She will also help you craft your god given gifts in a way that is marketable whereas most other high ticket coaching programs will steer you so far away from your hearts desire just so you can sell easier. She cares deeply about you and the people you are meant to serve.

She’s helping therapists beat burnout

Carly had an idea one day in the shower to get together a bunch of therapists to inspire one another, lift eachother up, and beat burnout (+++ cheese and wine). She made this vision a reality in South Florida and these events have grown like crazy. Therapists always need more therapists friends who get it!

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